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Publicado el 15-10-2016 en Ingeniería

Create and implement conceptual designs of automated manufacturing equipment, this person should be proficient creating ideas as well as developing them; He must be an experienced PLC, Embedded or PC developer/ integrator that has used servo motion controls, vision and other digital devices such as readers, scanners, printers and sensors in general. He should be capable of documenting the equipment as well as deploying it to the end customer. He must possess good communication, interpersonal and supervisory skills with the ability to interact with all levels of management.
1. System Definition
a. Create concept sketches and wording of what the equipment would do and how
b. Create specific machine requirements based on concepts and feedback from the customers
2. Electromechanical Design
a. Create detailed system panels and machine layouts drawings
b. Create block, panel and wiring schematics
c. Create user manual and maintenance manual
3. Robotics Programming
a. Must be able to program multi axis robots
b. Must be able to troubleshoot multi axis robots
c. Must be able to program Vision Systems
d. Must be able to program Vision Guided Robotics Systems
4. Software Design
a. Create user interface code routines
b. Create safety and troubleshooting code routines
c. Create remote and logging function routines
d. Create main functional code
5. Assembly and Debug
a. Be part of the system assembly and debug
6. Equipment Validation
a. Conduct long trial runs to prove goals where met; process variables above 1.36 cpk, rates, MTBF, cost
7. Project Management and Team Building
a. Work with teams (Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality and Safety) during the project design and implementation
b. Create project estimates; specific milestones, a time line and cost.
c. Supervise over all progress and report to upper management and customers
d. Track cost and report to upper management and customers
8. Internal Design Processes and Guidelines (DP&G)
9. Continuous improvements

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